On this page, we plan to test out a few different products & services that we think might be cool or useful- none may be ready for primetime, but they'll help us gauge if we're on the right track, or if we need to pivot.

Marine Nationale Photo Book: We've put together a special photo book featuring our collection of 24 timepieces issued to the Marine Nationale (French Navy) over a period of 60 years. The full color book is 73 pages, all photos, no text- perfect for a coffee table. SOLD OUT.

Marine Nationale Shirts: Inspired by the wetsuits of the Marine Nationale Divers - SOLD OUT.

Watch Title Registry: We've decommissioned our first iteration of the watch title registry. We learned a lot from trying it out, and now we're back at the drawing board to make something better.

Watch Purchase Agreement: This project will be to create an easy to use template for buyers and sellers to use in completing a watch transaction. Stay tuned.