Make your mark.


On our journey through life, there are many variables. For many, one constant is their watch- with them through their best days and their worst, but always there. It is a part of their story, marking their journey.

We think the story of your watch should be recorded, so that when you pass it on- whether to the next generation or another watch lover- the new owner can connect with its story, and make it part of their own. 


What is watchistry trying to do and when you will be done?

We're starting out with a moonshot goal- establish the world's first Watch Title Registry, but we'll also try out some other projects along the way, and blog a little about our favorite watches. We expect it to take some time to get this service right, but couldn't wait to start getting feedback from the watch community about our direction.

What is the Watch Title Registry?

Other forms of valuable property, such as real estate, vehicles and patents have public databases where records of ownership (title) of such property are available. The Watch Title Registry seeks to do the same for watches.

What inspired the registry?

The House of Breguet has a tradition of recording their client's names in record books, which go back to the 18th century- if you have one of their watches, there's a good chance they can tell you who the first owner was, which is a very satisfying thing for a vintage watch lover. Our aim is to bring this privilege to all watch owners, and go still further, ideally being able to preserve a watch's complete chain of title (the sequence of historical transfers of ownership).

Why should I enter my watch in the registry?

  • Your ownership is a part of your watch's provenance. Forming your watch's chain of title can enhance the story, if not the value, of your watch.
  • Security for Owners- If your watch is stolen, a simple search of the registry will surface that fact, and may even lead your watch back to you.
  • Security for Buyers- If you're buying a watch, the registry creates an extra hurdle for scammers, by confirming you're dealing with the real owner of the watch, and not just someone who downloaded photos of a watch they don't have.

What other features do you have in mind?

  • Personal collection management- Have a lot of watches? The registry offers a convenient place to keep track of them and their pertinent details.
  • Market Data- By sharing how much you paid for your watch, we'll be able to present the watch community with compelling data about the watch market, particularly for less common models.
  • Pre-Marketing- If someone is looking for a rare watch, they can connect with owners in a way that preserves anonymity for both.
  • ...and lots more coming once we get off the ground.

Will you charge? What data will you collect and who will you share it with? What if someone else claims they own my watch?

We'll have answers to these important questions as we get further into this effort. For now, we're just starting out and experimenting a lot. There's a ton of planning and development to do, but our sincere hope is that we end up with a service that the watch community finds reliable, safe and truly useful. If you're concerned in the meantime, presume that any data you provide to us will be public; that's kind of the point in much of what we're doing here.

How many of there are you at watchistry and what's taking so long?

For now we're just a small team working on watchistry, and it may take some time to get this where we want it to be- heck, we may never get there- but at least we'll leave you with a few blog postings to keep you entertained. Feel free to drop us a line with any feedback at